More illegal sites targeted to protect copyright

The BPI, the representative voice of the UK recorded music business, has written to six Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to request that they block access to copyright-infringing websites, it was reported today.


The BPI intends to follow the appropriate legal process to secure a court order from a judge requiring ISPs to prevent access to websites which offers files for illegal downloading. This legal process is based on section 97a of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, which allows copyright holders to apply to a court to require Internet Service Providers to block access to websites which host or provide access to material they do not own. This mechanism was first used by the Motion Picture Association in October 2011 when the High Court ordered BT to block access to Newzbin2 and was used by the BPI in April 2012 to require ISPs to block The Pirate Bay.


The CCC welcomes this move by the BPI to tackle copyright infringement and protect our creative industries. The BPI’s course of action is based on legal precedent, fully complies with the law and is used to uphold copyright law. The action is only directed at sites which are clearly breaking the law by illegally infringing copyright. The websites host infringing material and often make vast profits from illegal activity. The proliferation of infringing material damages the ability of the UK’s musicians, actors, producers and other workers in the creative industries to make a fair profit from their work. The scale of the problem also damages the legitimate content market and risks continued investment in the creative industries, putting thousands of jobs in danger.


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