Creative Coalition Welcomes the Woodward Review of Creative Industries

The Creative Coalition Campaign has today welcomed a report from the Labour Party’s creative industries and digital policy review led by former UK Film Council Director John Woodward. The review looks at the challenges and opportunities for policymakers and businesses alike as well as how can Britain can better compete and continue to lead the way globally in the sector.

The report stresses the importance of the creative industries to the UK, and the need above all else to protect the rights of creators so they can continue to produce a diverse range of content in the future.

The report sets out a number of recommendations which the Creative Coalition welcomes. In particular:

  • The recommendation that government funding for the PICPU should be extended for the period of the next Spending Review period.
  • The recommendation that Ofcom should be asked to publish an evidence-based report on the current issues regarding search engines and copyright infringement and theft.
  • That the government should continue to lead discussions to progress recommendations on making illegal sites much less prominent in search engine results. And if no voluntary agreement is reached with 12 months, then legislation should be introduced to protect the interests of the UK creative industries.
  • That the Government should forcefully resist attempts by the European Commission to make any significant changes to the copyright framework as set out in the Information Society Directive.
  • It is essential that the Government supports the needs of right holders to be able to geo-block copyright material online, on a territory by territory basis within the EU, as their businesses see fit.

Commenting on the report, Chair of the Creative Coalition Campaign, and General Secretary of Equity, Christine Payne said:

“This report highlights the value of the creative industries to the UK, and the importance of protecting the rights of creators and artists. We welcome the recommendation that there should be no further substantive reviews of copyright in the future, and that the UK Government should ensure that EU regulation supports and not undermines the development of the commercial business models developed by the UK’s strong creative industries. We hope the findings in this report will help the Labour Party ensure the continuation of a competitive and thriving creative industry in the UK.”