About The Campaign

The Creative Coalition Campaign (CCC) brings together rights holders and trade unions across the UK. Its membership includes 31 leading organisations in the film, music, publishing, games, and sport sectors; as well as trade bodies and trade unions.

The CCC was formed in August 2009 to represent the rights of the creative sector and press for effective measures to combat online copyright infringement, including illegal file-sharing.

The coalition campaigned for the successful passage of the Digital Economy Bill, which gained Royal Assent in April 2010, by bringing together trade unions and business. Its current focus is on full implementation of the measures aimed at tackling illegal file-sharing to provide security for the millions of workers employed in the creative industries.

According to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the creative industries account for economic output of at least £60 billion per annum. This translates to more than eight per cent of UK GDP and puts the sector ahead of both construction and tourism in terms of its contribution to the UK economy. The impact assessment that accompanied the Digital Economy Act found that the digital economy employed over 1.3 million people, representing around 5 per cent of total UK employment.

The ability of rights holders to protect their copyright is vital to the success of their businesses and to the wider creative industries in the UK. Yet various surveys have suggested that the number of UK citizens involved in infringing copyright in relation to films, TV and music is between 5 million and 10 million. This represents a significant threat to the future growth of the creative sector and to many different types of jobs including sound engineers, camera crews, set designers, IT workers, make-up artists, journalists, printworkers, script writers, proof-readers, retail shop assistants and freelance photographers.