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The creative industries employ about 1.5 million people and are worth 3% of UK Gross Value Added- about £36 billion(Source: UKTI infographic 2012)

The UK has the second biggest publishing industry in Europe, with a combined turnover of £19 billion and employing some 250,000 in 10,000 different companies(Source: UKTI infographic 2012)

In 2011 the core UK film industry contributed over £4.6 billion to UK GDP and over £1.3 billion to the Exchequer(Source: Oxford Economics, the Economic Impact of the UK Film Industry 2012)

Up to a quarter of a million jobs will be at risk if nothing is done about copyright infringement in the UK by 2015.(Source: TERA Report 2010)

Piracy was responsible for retail losses of £1.2 billion in the UK in 2008 which resulted in 39,000 job losses. (Source: TERA Report 2010)

The UK has the largest creative sector in the EU, and relative to GDP probably the largest in the world.(Source: The Work Foundation 2007)


“IP theft is not a victimless crime”

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“Copyrighted intellectual property lies at the heart of what we do”

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