"I am disturbed by the increasing number of projects which are under, or even un-funded. Because performers keep the arts world going by their love of what they do, with disregard for payment, it is increasingly difficult for people to make ends meet - particularly young people embarking on a difficult profession. Please protect those incomes they have a right to. "Tim Pigott-Smith

Supporters Messages

  • "I entirely support this movement and wish to contribute in its endeavour." Rajendra Kumar Deerpaul
  • "Thank you for finally addressing such a serious issue. " Jessica Goyder
  • "Musicians should get just rewards for their work" Pete Smith
  • "I'ma writer and photographer. It's never been easy to make a decent living; I can cope with that if I can survive and do what I love. But these parasites are making it harder and harder for any of us to make a living at all. Do we really want a world in which only independently wealthy and retired people can afford to devote themselves to creative pursuits?" Jon Sparks

The UK has the largest creative sector in the EU, and relative to GDP probably the largest in the world.(Source: The Work Foundation 2007)

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